We make items that help spread awareness to autism and other items to help raise funds to continue creating new ideas.


Made Brite's mission is to bring awareness and advocacy through merchandise that assists children with disabilities. Every product is designed uniquely to educate and impact the world that revolves around them.


In 2015, my daughter Bella was diagnosed with Autism. Since then, my husband and I have been her biggest advocates. After a couple of meltdowns while we were out doing some grocery shopping, I decided to come up with an identifier for her. The identifier's job is to make people aware of her special characteristic. It would allow for people to see her tag that identifies her as Autistic, rather than being judged as a bad child, but actually pinpoint her challenges.

Bella is now going into her 4th year of school, and is in a special program that supports her learning disabilities. Since the start of her school years, I have had the privilege of witnessing other children with different disabilities, and has inspired me to do more for them. We are extremely moved by every child's uniqueness and their place in this world.

Soon, we will be releasing many more products in hopes to bring the proper awareness and support to our little ones. In the future we hope to partner with more organizations with similar missions that we can donate to.

Please feel free to contact us with any request, ideas, or concerns.


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