About Us

 Made Brite Creations is a custom product company, based out of Houston, Texas established in 2015. 

The heartbeat and vision of Made Brite was birthed from the Autism diagnosis of our daughter, Bella. Her diagnosis inspired us to create a platform, that one day she can take over, in case of her disability, not allowing her to join the workforce. She has been a huge inspiration to us, which immediately sparked interest, through this company, to give back to local programs and organizations that support and educate kids with disabilities. Since our inception, we have been supporting Bella’s school program, PPCD at Frazier Elementary, with support towards their program activities, parties, or any other classroom needs. Through Made Brite’s sales, a percentage is allotted for these type of contributions. 
Our goal is to scale the company up, that would allow for us to provide career opportunities for young adults and adults with disabilities, who may have challenges in normal work settings.
For now, we will continue to work hard, spread awareness, inclusivity, and impact the world through all of our company and personal efforts.
- Roxanne Founder and Creator at Made Brite Creations